thank you blue house


well friends, we are officially all the way moved into our asheville brick home

we have not closed yet but, we are in and we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel

we have a camping style kitchen set up in the dining room and that is the way it is going to be for the next few weeks

please keep reminding me of how beautiful it will look when it’s done, how this is only temporary and this too shall pass

i am not good in chaotic situations like this

not at all

when we moved into the blue house one year ago, we knew it was a temporary situation

although an amazing new house, it never felt like “ours”

that said, with magical light, peace, quiet and safety, it was exactly what we needed while we got to know this town, this neighborhood and all of its wonderful people

the blue house was one of the best houses we have had until our own now

i am so grateful for the time we spent in it

thank you blue house

i hope the new owners will enjoy it just as much as we did

happy friday and happy weekend friends!


oh, our bedroom/my painting studio… by far the largest bedroom we have ever had and probably three times the size of the one we have now

july-29-2016-001-43 july-29-2016-001-44 july-29-2016-001-51 july-29-2016-001-45

our bathroom. i loved this window. it was so good to my orchid babies. such magical afternoon light

july-29-2016-001-46 july-29-2016-001-47 july-29-2016-001-48 july-29-2016-001-49

the view from our bedroom bridge. yes, we had a bridge to our bedroom

july-29-2016-001-50 july-29-2016-001-39 july-29-2016-001-40july-29-2016-001-52

part of the kitchen/dining room. most amazing light all day long


my nice and bright laundry room. because now i am in the scary dark basement. i hate beasements


Lily’s bedroom. she got quite the big girl upgrade and is loving her new space