Lisboa. Sintra, Palacio da Pena


exactly three months ago today we were in Lisboa

in Sintra as a matter of fact, at the Palacio da Pena

not sure if it was our second or third day in Lisboa since the first day we got there Lily slept the day away and our Santa Monica friends who had come from Spain and from the Algarve were totally feeling under the weather as well

but at some point during a chilly and foggy day, we made it to the stunning Palacio da Pena

Will and i had been there before on our own many moons ago

and to tell you the truth, i enjoyed our visit there much better the first time around because it was sunny, and it wasn’t nearly as crowded as it was this time

i mean, there were car and bus loads of people up there

in Lisboa in general which i guess is good for a place but i just don’t care to have that many people around me

especially when i’m that high off the ground

july-04-2016-001-1 july-04-2016-001-2

these two. so much love


the kids were freezing

july-04-2016-001-4 july-04-2016-001-5 july-04-2016-001-6 july-04-2016-001-8 july-04-2016-001-9july-04-2016-001-10 july-04-2016-001-11 july-04-2016-001-12 july-04-2016-001-13 july-04-2016-001-14 july-04-2016-001-15 july-04-2016-001-16 july-04-2016-001-17july-04-2016-001-19 july-04-2016-001-20 july-04-2016-001-18 july-04-2016-001-21 july-04-2016-001-23 july-04-2016-001-22 july-04-2016-001-24 july-04-2016-001-25

the most amazing views from being up in the clouds

july-04-2016-001-26 july-04-2016-001-27 july-04-2016-001-28 july-04-2016-001-29 july-04-2016-001-30 july-04-2016-001-31 july-04-2016-001-33 july-04-2016-001-34july-04-2016-001-35 july-04-2016-001-36 july-04-2016-001-37 july-04-2016-001-45 july-04-2016-001-43 july-04-2016-001-39 july-04-2016-001-41 july-04-2016-001-40 july-04-2016-001-44 july-04-2016-001-38 july-04-2016-001-46 july-04-2016-001-42 july-04-2016-001-47 july-04-2016-001-48july-04-2016-001-69

you know it was a big fun day when this happens in the back seat of the car…