so long, long locks


in exactly one month from today Lily will be seven years old

seven years old….

she has grown more into herself this year than she has ever before

from losing three teeth to being completely confident and comfortable with who she is, you can tell a huge change in her

i’m not sure i was ready for all the changes that took place this year but i just tried my best to accept them all as they came along and i just tried to keep up the best i could

this week she decided to chop off her locks and go for yet another huge change

she had been talking about getting her hair cut for a couple of weeks and we finally had the time to go on tuesday

it was a hard one for me

to see her go through yet another change

to be smacked in the face with the obvious reminder that yes, our baby is indeed growing and she is more her own than ever before

that her long hair was not ours to keep

just like she is not ours to keep

but she is ours to love, nurture and accept for who and what she wants to be

and for that, i thank my lucky stars every single day

happy friday and happy weekend friends



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right before her hair cut