a garden update. asheville


as i titled this post, i thought about when i first started linking up with Annie for how does your garden grow?

it was at the yellow house

four years ago

Lily was almost three

now she is almost seven

since the yellow house, we have lived in the red house, the blue house and now here we are in our brick house

that’s a lot of houses

and flowers

and kitchens

speaking of kitchens, we have come a long way with ours and that’s where all my time has gone

so a mixed bouquet of flowers it is today

thank you for being here garden friends


september’s morning glories

september-08-2016-001-26 september-08-2016-001-29 september-08-2016-001-30 september-08-2016-001-43may-04-2016-001-7

may’s blooms

may-04-2016-001-8 may-04-2016-001-9 may-04-2016-001-10 may-04-2016-001-11june-03-2016-001-2

june’s magnolias

june-03-2016-001-8 june-03-2016-001-3 june-03-2016-001-5 june-03-2016-001-6 june-03-2016-001-7