lately/thanksgiving twenty sixteen


it’s been a little over a year since we moved to asheville and the one thing i miss the most about miami are my good friends


there is nothing like hanging out with good friends who know you well

through all the good times

and the bad times too

neither Will nor i have friends like that here in asheville and i can honestly say it is one of the hardest things about having moved here

starting new

and not having those good old friends to see and build new memories with

one of my best friends since seventh grade (1987) came to spend thanksgiving with us

it was just what i needed before i went off the deep end

i was missing her and all that we do together

even when we don’t do anything it just feels good (and right) to be next to someone who has known me for as long as she has

 aside from Will and Lily, my chosen family are the closest thing i have to home and to who i am and where i came from

it felt good to be home


girls night out


girls lunches

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a photo shoot

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decking the halls

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farewell cocktails with a view