around here


i woke up this morning, made some coffee, Lily’s school lunch, her breakfast, woke her up, did her wacky hair for wacky hair day and drove her to school like i do every morning

the only thing different this morning was that i had the biggest hangover from too much red wine last night

once i returned home from dropping her off, i went back to bed and slept for two solid hours

i hardly ever nap

but i’m glad i did this morning because i feel less zombie like right now

these pictures are not so recent but this post was drafted and stored away in here so why not take advantage of that

happy friday and happy weekend friends!


when she was six

november-05-2016-001-3 november-05-2016-001-5 november-06-2016-001-7

trampoline shenanigans

november-06-2016-001-8 november-07-2016-001-7

officially seven


a morning at the grove park inn with our good miami friends

november-11-2016-001-3 november-11-2016-001-4

besties forever


waiting to be seated at the sunny point cafe

november-11-2016-001-28 november-12-2016-001-24

a morning hike at craggy gardens


sleepy sunshine


mernaid hair


a thanksgiving photo shoot


sleepy kitty