Lisboa. the last day

today i take you back to Lisboa

our last day there

which feels like a lifetime ago and given the fact that these pictures are from july, i guess that feeling is justified

much wanted tuk tuk rides, amazing city views, afternoon cocktails in our airbnb room and one last soccer game best describe our last day in Lisboa

i like Lisboa

is it a favorite city?


do i think people should visit Porto instead when they visit portugal? yes

but i guess Lisboa does have a lot more culture when it comes to museums, galleries, monuments and so on

with the exception of Sintra, we didn’t do any of the “touristy” things Lisboa has to offer

we hardly ever do

when i visit a place, i want to be out and about

i don’t want to be inside a museum

i want to walk the city, eat the city, drink the city, smell the city, watch its people….

i want to live the city

and i find the best way to get to know a place is to be out and about in it

not inside somewhere with old relics

so yes, when in portugal visit Lisboa

but also visit Porto

a tuk tuk ride

chill out cocktail hour back at our airbnb room

one more soccer game. portugal won