Porto. one last time

because we flew into Porto (we saved $1500 in plane tickets that way), we had to return there after Lisboa

and i am glad we had to

as you probably know by now, Porto is one of my favorite cities

it just has such authenticity

it felt wonderful to be able to see it one last time

until the next time that is

looking at these pictures makes me realize that i have been “stuck” in the mountains of asheville since mid july

i’ve been feeling a bit land locked here lately

it’s different from being “stuck” in miami

there is no ocean to escape to (this is the farthest i’ve ever lived away from the ocean and if i focus to much on it, i can really go down a depression hole about it)

and well, everything looks kind of the same here

the houses, the trees, the mountains…

living in the tropics definitely has that as a plus

that vacation feeling you know?

although that awful heat was never a plus

anyway, a vacation from here is much needed

but when?….

ps- i’m really happy with the fact that i got all the portugal posts done before the new year. you know, goals