a garden update. my indoor garden

can we start off by discussing the term “indoor garden”?

sounds so fancy

doesn’t it?

while growing up in portugal there were two indoor gardens that made a big impression on me and that have stayed with me throughout all these years

my cousin’s grandmother’s and my friend’s grand aunt’s

they both had beautiful indoor gardens

both rooms filled with windows and beautiful healthy plants

they were always my favorite rooms in their homes and the ones i ran to see first when visiting

my indoor garden happened accidentally and slowly

but i guess it was inevitable since orchids are my favorite and we no longer live in the tropics

and although a few of my orchids once lived in the trees of our miami garden, they are thriving indoors here in asheville (there are well over twenty orchid plants now)

merry christmas garden friends! wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

joining Annie with how does your garden grow?

budding stems. i have eleven orchid plants with budding stems. two of them have double budding stems. i cannot wait for all the orchids we will have

my airplants are thriving also. long weekly soaks in filtered water are key

curly. the frizzle frazzle plant is doing great too since i repotted him into a bigger pot