we had ourselves a crazy busy week last week

school, birthday parties, after school activities and two nutcracker performances

it was non stop all week long

it felt good to only have two days of school this week, late lazy mornings and just relax before christmas this weekend

and on that note, merry christmas my friends!

enjoy your loved ones and your time together

an angel in this year’s nutcracker ballet production

spirulina in my smoothies every morning. sometimes i drink them,

sometimes i eat them with a spoon

spanish class attire for school

all the pretty rainbows. HERE

so many orchid babies to come

when cute baby nieces come to visit

i love our kitchen

and her bedroom

nostalgia. it does get the best of me

and so does missing the ocean

beautiful sunrises

and sunsets

i volunteered two days in a row in Lily’s class. we made gingerbread houses one of those days

girl dates

when you run into good friends while christmas shopping and a stranger offers to take your picture

all merry and shit

star wars ready