thank you George

just like so many girls (and boys), i fell in love with George Michael the first time i saw and heard him in the early eighties

wake me up, careless whisper, everything she wants, faith, freedom, i want your sex, kissing a fool, one more try, waiting for that day… and the list goes on and on

through sad times and happy times George was always there

he’s been there for me for the past thirty years and even though he is now gone, he will continue to be there for me

he was my Jerry Garcia, my Kurt Cobain, my David Bowie, my Prince

randomly enough while in the basement the other day, i ran into this portrait i did of him in art class in 1989

it now sits in the green room with a candle lit

my heart is still weighing heavily today

it’s been a rough couple of days and although i have so much to be thankful and happy for, i can’t help but to feel that i will forever carry some eternal sadness over him being gone

too soon

on christmas day

rest in peace George Michael

thank you for all the years of music