around here

well, here we are friends

at the end of the year

although 2016 was in many ways a very hard and sad year (so much loss in so many ways), on a personal level, it was a good year for us

that said, i am looking forward to this new year of 2017

i don’t have any resolutions per say but i would like to see the ocean more in this new year

as well as travel more

not enough of that in 2016 for sure

happy new year friends!

wishing you all the happy things in 2017

thanks for being here

my rainbow helper

favorite magazine

favorite socks and boots

neighbor family portrait sessions

early morning emails to her papa while he was away

painting sessions

this face i love

reading sessions

mornings in my favorite space

christmas eve

christmas morning

a christmas day walk

welcoming 44. a birthday celebration