a new year’s hike. bear wallow mountain

last year when DD came to spend the holidays with us, on new year’s day, as hungover and tired as we adults were, we went on a new year’s day hike (here and here)

this year we threw an even bigger new year’s eve party

more people

more drinks

more dancing

and stayed up way later (4:30?)

on new year’s day i woke up, cleaned the kitchen and then pretty much sat on the couch for the rest of the day

which was ok with most

because everyone else felt the same way (except for Will who went fishing)

however, on the second day of this new year, we got our new year’s hike in

this time to bear wallow mountain

new territory for every single one of us

the weather was mild and so was the hike

the views however were amazing

four thousand feet up in the clouds

something quite unnerving about watching your kid disappear into the clouds

 to be continued…