around here

i think this has been the unhealthiest of ways i have ever started off a new year

last week Lily stayed home from school both wednesday and thursday because of strep throat (she’s almost done with her ten days worth of antibiotics)

once she started feeling better, i came down with strep throat and i seriously cannot remember the last time i felt so ill and weak

we finally got some snow on saturday and while everyone was out enjoying it, i was basically dead on the couch

i got some antibiotics for the strep and then because my immune system was down, i got hit with a cold and nasty cough which i am still fighting

i can honestly say that i am finally feeling a little better today

one week later

hope your new year is going better than mine

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

stay healthy

snow. finally

the robins. so many of them getting all the berries that were left on the tree in front of our house. the next day they were all gone


sledding. over and over again. day after day after day

a snow day home from school surrounded by green at the biltmore

winter sunrises

and yet another snow day home from school