my childhood although filled with its share of not so happy moments, was mostly a happy childhood surrounded by family and friends

until i was eight/nine anyway

then everything came crashing down

but that’s another story…

i had two girl cousins very close in age to me who i spent most weekends and summers with and our neighborhood was filled with kids close in age as well

there were always races around the block, kids playing in my great grand mother’s garden and house hopping

Lily’s closest friend in miami was her beloved Savannah

they would spend summer days in the pool, at each other’s houses… they were inseperable

since moving to asheville, although our neighborhood is filled with kids, there isn’t a particular boy or girl who i have seen Lily have that strong Savannah bond with

that said, she found that bond (different but yet very much the same) with a school friend who she was in kindergarten with last year

i would say her friend B is the most like minded to Lily and who she has the strongest friendship with

and just because the kids get along and are like minded, doesn’t mean that the parents always are

but in this case, through these two amazing girls, we have made dear friends with B’s parents

anyway, i’m getting side tracked

what i wanted to say is that, as a parent, i think you always want to give and provide the best to your child

giving Lily a childhood filled with happiness, creativity, love, good friends, fun and all the magic a childhood can be filled with is something that both Will and i believe in and work hard at

it’s the most fulfilling feeling to be able to do so

childhood goes by so quickly….

hope you are all having a happy week so far

after karaoke (video here) and playing dress up, they painted each other’s faces. with all the concentration

and when the faces were done, they moved onto other body parts

towards the end of the play date, our next door neighbor came over and she too got her face painted. and then they all went on the trampoline (video here)