around here

mondays have officially become our busiest and craziest day of the week

once i pick Lily up from school at 3pm, we drive to ballet and squeeze in some homework in the car before she starts her class at 3:45pm

once she is done with ballet at 4:30pm, we drive home, she changes into gymnastics clothes, does some more homework and then goes to her gymnastics class which starts at 5:30pm

while she is there, i drive back home and make dinner

unless Will is in charge of dinner in which case i just prep for dinner or i run whatever errand needs to be run

at 6:30pm, i pick Lily up from gymnastics, we drive home, she takes a quick shower, we have dinner and she is in bed by her usual time of 7:30pm


it’s a bit of a hectic marathon which makes that glass of wine taste extra good at the end of the day

i never wanted to squeeze two after school activities in one day but, when Lily’s gymnastics teacher changed her schedule in this new year, mondays were/are the only option

it’s all temporary anyway

summer break is not too far away and Lily will soon be in level 2 of gymnastics so it’s all worth it

happy friday friends!

have a happy weekend

mornings with my orchids

so happy i held onto all of my art books all of these years. so much inspiration

speaking of art and inspiration, this girl loves her after school tuesday art class

ice cream dates

i’ve been going on long morning walks again

i secretly love playing tooth fairy

i love our kitchen

had forgotten all about this painting until i went digging into a box of forgotten paintings

hot chocolate dates

sunsets from her bed

afternoon shadows

mad lids. always a funny

tomorrow i will be at west elm in asheville selling all the rainbows at their valentine’s pop up. wish me luck!