learning how to ride a bike

learning how to ride a bike or bike riding in general has become a sore subject in this home

well, not so much anymore (because we stopped talking about it) but it was a sore subject for quite some time

when we first surprised Lily with a bike for her fourth birthday, she was excited and attempted to ride it (with training wheels) a few times

but soon after she stopped and wanted nothing to do with it

whenever we would encourage her to ride her bike, a fight would happen

just last year she outgrew her bike and we told her we wouldn’t be getting her a new one because she never made an attempt to ride her old one

it didn’t seem to bother her so much

until two sundays ago when our neighbors’ five year old daughter (and Lily’s good friend) decided that she wanted to learn how to ride her bike without her training wheels

Lily quickly ran outside and asked for her bike

there was brief disappointment in her face when we reminded her that she no longer had one but she quickly got over it and grabbed her scooter instead

our neighbors’ daughter quickly got the hang of no training wheels and was soon zooming back and forth on two wheels

inspired, Lily asked if she could have a few turns and although the bike was way too small for her, she almost got it as well

she wants a new bike now

the fact that we told her that one day all of her friends would soon be riding bikes and she would feel left out didn’t effect her until she witnessed it and felt it for herself

that’s just the kind of girl she is

only when she is ready, will she do it

she was that way when she decided on her own to stop breastfeeding

when she decided to stop wearing diapers because she wanted to go to ballet

and when she decided to finally got to a gymnastics class after i suggested it so many times prior

it only happens when she is ready

and only she knows when she is ready

hope you are all having a good week so far