west virginia moments

two thursdays ago we picked Lily up from school on a half day and drove straight to west virginia for a long weekend

it had been quite a while since we had been there (i think august was the last time)

because everyone was working on friday, Lily and i spent most of the day by ourselves

we have had many days by ourselves in west virginia

since the first time she went there as a one month old

we took a walk in the snow, read, drew, had down time and went on a drive to grab some ice cream in twenty degree weather

on saturday i was in bed all day with an awful stomach virus

Lily spent the day snowboarding with Will and her aunt Sasa and although everyone was hanging out at the house later on, i was in bed sick (again)

so, unfortunately there are no pictures of family from this time around

except for this one which i quickly snapped right before we left

although i missed out on most of the family fun, it was good to be surrounded by family and i am glad that at least i was the only one sick and everyone else got to make the most of it

happy wednesday friends

hope you are all having a great week so far