around here

we had a good week this week

i’m still wearing the boot but my foot is recuperating every day and i hope to have the boot off by the end of the month when i go in for a check up doctor’s visit

getting up early has become a real struggle in the mornings

especially now that it’s pitch dark again due to daylight savings

which is so stupid and shouldn’t exist anymore

i mean, seriously

it’s pointless nowadays

you know what is not pointless though?

spring break

i am sooooooo ready for spring break

not just because Lily and i will be going somewhere warm but also because we will get to sleep in

i am ready!

happy friday and happy weekend friends

after school ice cream dates

and donut dates too



sunrises, coffee and tea with my orchids

in his sunday best

why wear clothes when you can just wear a cape?

a family dinner and ballet date night

a long weekend in west virginia

these two classmates being recognized as terrific kids

i still can’t believe he’s gone and i miss him every day

spring. finally

we’re at the age of drop off birthday parties

blueberry clafoutis for a neighborhood brunch

our neighborhood is made up of mostly girls (this may not even be half of them)