let it snow let it snow let it snow

it’s been a tough week so far

emotionally speaking

for me

i’m sure that pms and the fact that mercury will soon be in retrograde again don’t help but the biggest reason is the fact that i have not left this town or these mountains for nine months

nine months!!!

when we were still living in miami, considering our move here, one of my biggest concerns was being so far away from the ocean (i have talked about this before. i know. i could talk about it all day….)

nine months is a long time to not see the ocean

and it’s taken a toll on me (in every possible way. including my skin)

lately i have been wondering if i am truly happy here or if my happiness comes from seeing Will and Lily so happy here

if/when i think about my own true happiness, i don’t know…..

i don’t know if i am truly happy here

i feel less myself here than i have ever before when i feel like i should feel more like myself than ever before at this age

i love our home, our neighbors/neighborhood and the few friends we have made here but i don’t think this mountain life is as much for me as it is for Will and Lily

i need the sea….

anyway, here are some pictures of Lily in what was hopefully the last snow fall of this winter

i’m glad she got one last snow hoorah in west virginia

hope you are all having a great week so far