around here

by the time you read this we will be in topsail north carolina (hopefully)

Lily has a three day weekend so we planned in advance and booked a little family getaway

something not too far (5.5 hours car drive) and close to the ocean

a place where Will has been a long time ago but Lily and i never have

we are trying to explore nearby beaches so we know where to go when there is time (is it as funny to you as it is to me to think that 5.5 hours is nearby!?)

i’m excited to be getting out of this town

it’s been a long while…

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

bath time fun

a camellia from our camellia bush and a tiny piece of portugal

dinner al fresco in a warm march day

off to spain she went

still so much empty wall space to fill and so many paintings to hang

my first attempt at potato and leek soup


i love my aloe vera plants. they’ve been with me for over ten years. they’ve grown so much…

and my orchids continue blooming and looking beautiful

an after school movie date to go see the new beauty and the beast

 lots more hanging. finally filled this bedroom wall and the bedroom looks so much better this way

getting our screened in porch ready for warmer days. decided to hang our hammock here as well as our glass ball

a saturday bbq at the neighbor’s

the most fragrant hyacinth from a friend’s garden

looking forward to lots of peaches from our peach tree

these two nerding out together before going ziplining together