around here. topsail nc

if you keep up with me on instagram, you already know that we spent last weekend at the beach

in topsail north carolina to be exact

and you probably already also know that Lily and i are no longer in asheville

we arrived in miami yesterday for one week of spring break

one week of beach and good old friends who we both miss so much

we’re going to just soak up everything we miss about miami so this space might be a little quiet until we return home

happy weekend friends!

we arrived thursday late afternoon and headed straight to the ocean

the sound one block down from our vrbo on a cloudy and rainy friday

coffee on the back porch while waiting for the rain to stop

the weather slowly started clearing up…

we grabbed some lunch on the water (my favorite) and some mini golf (not pictured)

and then we found this calm beach on the sound side

the beach was all ours

we caught the sunset one block down from our rental house. it was amazing

saturday morning was the absolute opposite of the day before. it was nothing but sunny blue skies. so we headed to the beach first thing. coffee in hand

the water was freezing but we all got in anyway. foxy included

we caught another amazing sunset that evening

and sunday morning i woke up early enough to catch the sunrise and say farewell to the ocean. it’s always a little heartbreaking…