a garden update. my orchids

orchids. orchids. orchids!

you probably all know by now how much i love orchids

i can’t really remember my very first orchid

but i can remember that for a long time i was intimidated by them and would not dare own one

until i guess i moved to miami and they were everywhere

literally everywhere

fast forward to many years later and i am now the proud mama to nearly thirty orchids (i just counted them. twenty nine)

so what’s the secret so many of you ask?

-most of my orchids are in warm rooms with the most natural light. they basically reside in the kitchen and in the art/green room which gets natural light all day long. natural light is important but not necessarily direct sunlight

-once a week i soak my orchids for hours at a time. because i have most of them in the art/green room, i have found that the easiet way to soak them is to bring in a big pot of water and have them take turns. they soak for a long time. 4-5 hours if not overnight sometimes (because i forget or it just gets late)

-when i soak them i don’t use very cold water. i try to get the water room temperature

-when i see a wilted or yellow leaf, i pull it off

-when the stems start turning brown or yellow, i cut them down to the root. unless there is a new stem growing. then i only cut down to the new stem

-i don’t touch the orchid flowers. or let them get wet

-i continue to soak them weekly and continue to care for them as i always do when they are not blooming and only have green leaves

-i don’t give them orchid food or re-pot them

i keep it simple

water, lots of light and love

hope this was helpful

go out there and get yourself an orchid

it’s a lot easier than you think…