spring break. miami

going to miami for a week was exactly what Lily and i needed for spring break

winter was rough this year

not so much for her

but for me

with strep throat, the flu, a mammogram scare and a foot fracture, i was sort of immobile for months

not only was it physically draining, it was extremely emotionally draining

i needed to see the ocean, to swim, to feel the warm sun on my skin, the sand in between my toes, to see good friends, palm trees, art….

i needed everything miami provided us with for one week

happy friday friends

i hope you all had a good week

we got to the beach first thing friday morning and although a bit windy, we didn’t mind. we didn’t mind at all…

floating in the ocean is the best thing ever

after a few hours at the beach, we quickly stopped off at home, showered, got dressed and hit lincoln rd (our old backyard) for some lunch, shopping and later some dinner too

we loved our lazy mornings at DD’s apartment where we stayed

saturday morning we went back to the beach for a few hours. it was a perfect beach day with crystal blue water and no wind

after the beach we headed to our old neighborhood where a crawfish boil was taking place. a sleepover was planned for Lily and her bestie Savannah but unfortunately Lily got really sick two hours after we got there and eventually came back to the beach with DD and i where she was sick for the following two days

bff’s forever

keith richards was there. he’s always there

 to be continued…