a garden update. a rose

October 18 2014 005

sometimes i forget how old some things are

or how long i have had them for

like my laundry basket for example

it sits in a corner of our bedroom

and it’s something we use every day

i bought it in 1994 when i moved back to new jersey from san diego

yes, 1994!

that basket has lived in so many places

i have been tempted to replace it for prettier ones but i never do

i’ll probably have that silly laundry basket forever

like this blog

it’s now seven years old

it’s changed through the years but i still enjoy coming here

it is very much just a visual diary of our days/lives

and i like that

sometimes i start posts that i never finish

and they just end up sitting in the draft box

like this one

i drafted it in may 2014

i found it yesterday and decided, why not post it tomorrow?

and so here it is

pictures of a rose from our miami garden at the red house

a garden i miss very much

the house too actually

minus the roaches and the rats

hope you are all having a great week so far friends

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