spring break. miami… continued

how was miami one month ago already?

and when can we return?

when we moved away from miami, there was a certain kind of consolation that somehow it would stay the same (although the city itself is constantly changing) because some of our favorite people would still be living there

but as it turns out, that’s not the case

our spring break trip to miami felt like a farewell in some way

two of our favorite people who we shared most of our miami life with (pre Will and Lily even) will soon be leaving miami also

making my miami, our miami, nothing but a memory

a wonderful memory

it’s hard for me to imagine going back to miami and not having those two people there and not have it be the same

i guess that is how they must have felt when we moved away though

change is hard

it’s good and healthy

but also very hard

for me anyway

happy friday friends

here are some miami moments

wishing you all a happy weekend

slow walks to get some fresh air after being sick

lunch dates on lincoln rd at one of our favorite sushi places

texts to papa with all the emojis

afternoons at auntie K’s followed by a fancy dinner date (not pictured)

i will miss this view

when we lived in southbeach, we lived in the condo building next to auntie K. Lily grew up going to that tiny park on the left about twice a day every day

chanel red lipstick for the first time

two of my favorite girls

ready for a fun pool day

this was one of my favorite vacation days. because it was a true vacation day. good friends, pool, cocktails, no worries, no rush… perfect

until next time miami. hopefully sooner than later