#ohdearvisits. friday

although i have made some good friendships through this blog since i started it seven years ago, my friendship with Drea is the only one that is “real”

i say that because she is the only one i have ever physically met

Drea and i met when we were still living in our small apartment in southbeach

i remember writing to a then very young Drea (not that she’s old now by any means) on her blog right before she went to give birth to Marlowe

a lot has changed in both of our lives since then

but, six years and five different houses later (on our part), i would say that we have maintained good friends through it all

and although Drea and i are both captains of our own ships, it’s not just about our friendship anymore

Lily and Marlowe have their own friendship as do our husbands Will and Alex

they were some of the first people to visit us last year when we moved to asheville when we were living in the blue house and, it was wonderful to have them again now in the brick house

i don’t know if it was the warmer/sunnier weather or the fact that we know this place a little better now but i think i am not the only one that felt that this visit rocked even more than last year’s visit

may every visit just keep getting better and better

no matter where we are or what house we are living in

we spent the morning at the arboretum. why so big already? why!????

stand tall like a tree

taco talk

taco-ing at the greyeagle

ice cream dates at the hop

cold pool fun in our new pool

to be continued…