#ohdearvisits. saturday

although these pictures have been drafted on here for a little while, i am writing this post while everyone still sleeps on this friday

i may be tired of waking up so early but i enjoy this time of the day

the early morning

when it’s just me and the singing birds

before the stress of our life awakens and starts sinking in again

it’s been really stressful around here

probably more stressful than it’s been in a really long time

i’m not ready to write about it

maybe in the future i will

anyway, here are pictures of slightly less stressful times

happy friday and happy weekend friends

and for all you mamas out there, happy mother’s day!!

we first checked out the farmers market with the hopes of picking up some yummy things for a creek picnic. instead Drea just ate and drank lots of chocolate

montreat. all Lily wanted to do was sit in the hammock. she was tired…

 to be continued…