#ohdearvisits. sunday

why does it feel so long ago since our florida friends visited us?


why does time do that?

what a jerk

anyway, it wouldn’t be a visit to asheville without some kind of hike

this place is known for its mountains after all

and so hiking we did

we like taking people to craggy gardens

the drive up is pretty, it’s not too hard of a hike and the views are beautiful

it was a good day for it too

not too hot, not too cold but maybe slightly too windy once up top

and what did we all want after a good hike?


tacos all day, every day actually

hope you are all having a good week so far



somebody’s man hands tend to make it into my pictures more often than not

it’s all fun and games until somebody gets thrips

papas and their daughters

again, why so big!????

until next time dear friends