around here. lost moments

i can’t believe may is more than half way over

which is exciting in a way

it means summer and summer break are almost here

i’m looking forward to summer break

i do wish we had summer plans to look forward to like we did last year

at this time last year we were looking forward to our portugal trip

it had already been planned for quite some time

this summer however, there is nothing planned other than two weeks of summer camp for Lily

one week in june and the other in july

the thought of not having summer plans towards some kind of beachy destination and the thought of having to be here in the mountains for the whole summer kind of send me off into panic attack mode

summer break is short

before we know it school will start again and then winter will come and well….. another year will go by before i see the ocean again

that wasn’t really the plan when we decided to move here

i’m getting a panic attack at this very moment

but then again, the closing on this house wasn’t supposed to have taken this long (what a fucking nightmare) and i guess i was hoping life had been a bit more certain than uncertain

but things don’t always go as planned right?

and well, wah, wah, wah….

cry me a fucking river right?

i am looking forward to one of my dearest friends visiting us at the end of june and hopefully we will make something fun happpen

and maybe when she packs to go back, i will just hide in her suitcase and fly back to L.A. with her

that will work right?

anyway, i’m on my way to save (gather) more plants

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

march. a family date to the ballet. Lily’s first

drawing. always drawing

we brought the hammock into the screened in porch. it’s become one of her favorite reading spots

the very beginning of spring


a chapter book a day

lazy weekend mornings

smoothie mornings

fruit bowl mornings

tacos. lots and lots of tacos