topsail, nc

remember when we took a three day beach weekend in topsail nc?

almost two months ago already

i needed to see the ocean

to see it, to hear it, to breathe it in

it had been almost nine months since i had seen it last

i think most of you who know me well (personally or not) know that not seeing the ocean for a while starts affecting me

in every way (i’m still struggling with living in the mountains)

anyway, not wanting to go on a rant here

topsail was nice


but nice

our vrbo (sorry airbnb) was great

and because it was still considered “off season” the beach was practically ours

we arrived late thursday afternoon, dropped off our bags and walked straight to the beach where we all ran around like fools who had never seen the ocean

afterwards we found a local place where we had dinner and then headed back to our vrbo where we all went to sleep

when we woke up friday morning, it was pouring

we had gone to sleep knowing we were going to wake up to rain

we lounged around and once the rain stopped we ventured out into town a bit where we grabbed some lunch and mini golf

there were not many people around

like i said, it was “off season”

none of us minded

i think it was better that way

can’t imagine how packed and crowded that place gets in the summer during “season”

i’ve experienced that in the jersey shore and in miami

i prefer “off season”

give me a quiet beach over a crowded beach any day

this is going to be a series of posts (i still have pictures to edit)

for today this is all you get

in coincidence it’s been just as rainy here all week

happy friday and happy weekend friends

hope you all had a good week

working while waiting for the rain to stop

Lily didn’t mind the rain. she got to watch cartoons in bed

this room was not even used

every house has a name. this was ours

to the left we had the sound

to the right we had the beach

a walk to the sound once the rain stopped

lunch with an ocean view. i miss this so much

a little mini golf post lunch

to be continued…