mother’s day. twenty seventeen

this year was my seventh year celebrating mother’s day as a mama

and believe it or not, it has never been just Will, Lily and i together on that day

when in miami, mother’s day was always celebrated with our DD and auntie K

last year Caroline was with us

this year it looked like it was going to just be the three of us (which would have been just fine) but then, our neighbor whose daughters i drive to school with Lily every day was going to just hang out at home because her husband was away on a business trip so we invited her and her girls to brunch with us

since it takes a village, the village might as well be there to celebrate on mother’s day

that’s my thinking anyway

just like last year (here), we went to la guinguette in black mountain

a place i still love and always appreciate for not ever being crowded

it was a beautiful spring day so we got to sit and eat al fresco

another mother’s day with people i love to cherish and remember

other mother’s days: 2016 here and here, 2015, 2014 here, here and here, 2013, 2011

ps- i’m a blonde now

pictures with my girl. has to be done. at least on mother’s day

some hula time

shiny gold mother’s day gift

and some of this too