around here. lost miami moments

hooray for the last day of school!!


first grade was a good one

Lily had great teachers, made lots of new friends, excelled at everything…

we are so very proud of her and so happy to see her come into her own like she has

she is so content and fulfilled these days

although a beach trip is not yet planned and if/when it will happen it will be far from now, i am looking forward to spending lots of down time with Lily

we have been counting down to this day for a while now…

happy friday and happy weekend friends

here are some more miami moments since i have been too lazy to put together yet another topsail post

arriving at her bff’s house and checking out the new teepee

visiting a dear friend and one of our favorite miami artists

a walk past our old house

lunch at one of our old neighborhood’s favorite spots

waking up at DD’s

walks to the beach down espanola way

ahhhhh…. the beach

walks, lunch, dinner and some shopping on lincoln rd

feeling not so great but going the distance anyway

visits at auntie K’s house

auntie K has the prettiest views

moon over miami

a sick departing morning

one more meal at a favorite spot for many years before we go….

until next time miami