around here

if you keep up with us on instagram, then you already know that we are in west virginia celebrating our first week of summer break


i tried to put this post together on tuesday (for wednesday) but, the internet up at the house is not very good (to put it mildly)

it’s only slightly frustrating

so, while Lily and the guys are golfing, i’m at my brother in law’s office watching some netflix and using the net

here is a random thought, in the shower today i was thinking about how big and busy our lives have gotten since Lily was a tiny baby

and it’s all wonderful (most of the time) but, sometimes i miss how small and quiet our life used to be

and i miss our days in our small one bedroom apartment in southbeach and being able to walk/ride bikes everywhere and see some of our dearest of friends who lived super close by

i really miss those days….

they seemed complicated at the time but they were nothing compared to things now

they were kind of a breeze actually

an ocean breeze

happy friday and happy weekend friends

hope you have all had a good week

mother’s day twenty seventeen

a favorite reading spot

sewing projects

homemade shrinky dink earrings and morning light

a spring ballet recital

morning walks with this guy

a yearly neighborhood party

some delicious things we/i have been eating at home

now that she can, it’s all about the bike riding

we’ve been doing lots of yard work and yet it feels like we can’t quite figure it out…

neighborhood friends

lots of them

spring blooms

morning peach checks

a family dinner and ballet date

after school ice cream dates

a first grade spring school picture

an art show

a fun day with Lily and her whole first grade

officially a second grader