a garden update. west virginia

hiiiiiiiiii! do you guys remember when i used to do weekly garden update posts?


every thursday

basically since the yellow house (five years ago)

sometime during this winter i stopped

i don’t know why exactly

winter blues?

being sick every month during those winter months?

getting burnt out?

i don’t know….

it’s not like i stopped liking flowers

but it’s not like there were any flowers either

i mean, it was winter

anyway, when we were just in west virginia there were too many flowers to not take pictures of

because the weather there is much cooler than it is here in asheville, i got to see the beginning of spring all over again

which meant getting to see peonies blooming once again

we had a few in our new garden this spring and i just have grown to love them so much

i hope you enjoy the flowers and that you are all having a good week so far

happy summer solstice friends!

so beautiful right?

and these pink roses. so dreamy