summer break. west virginia

today is Lily’s last day of summer camp


she just completed one full week of a nature inspired camp where they went on hikes every day and explored and learned all about nature

and how to set up camp also

and the best part?

she got to do it with one of her best friends

she had the best week

and so did i

kind of

although not as good as hers probably

i decided to make our dining room my summer project

for some reason that room is the last one to need some major love

so, the blinds got all fixed, which has allowed for a lot more light to come in and this week i started painting the walls and the trim/base boards

i hate painting walls

always have

but you know what?

it’s been so worth it

the room is not quite finished yet but it looks so much better already

anyway, here are some pictures from our first afternoon in west virginia

beautiful children and magical golden light

i’m a sucker every time…..

happy weekend friends!

this picture kind of kills me a little. the little cousin looking up at the big cousin. Lily, the big cousin. she used to be the little cousin. time is a bitch every time

watching these two reminds me of Lily and her older cousin of two years. this used to be them. not too long ago. although with all of these kids as constant reminders, it was forever ago….

to be continued…