the greenville zoo

on monday, Lily and i drove Connie to the greenville airport so she could take a flight back home to l.a.


i don’t know why that feels like forever ago already but it does

anyway, because greenville is over an hour away from asheville, Lily and i decided to make the most of our airport trip and go to the greenville zoo

believe it or not, going to zoos is not something we do very much

i am not a big fan of zoos

i think it was due to the time i went to the lisboa zoo as a little girl and then had endless nightmares to follow

i became traumatized by them

the only other zoo Lily has ever been to is the miami zoo

she was then a tiny little girl

this zoo trip around, she was so excited and knew so much more about every single animal

it was a hot day in south carolina but it was a great day for an afternoon at the zoo with my girl

happy friday friends

i hope you all had a good week

needless to say my favorites were the chilean pink flamingoes