west virginia. a walk to the meadow

the way Lily and i spend time together has changed a lot since the earlier days when she was much smaller


just like everything else in life, i guess that had to change too

as i suppose it will continue to change

we try to equally share time now

it’s not all about what i want to do

it hasn’t been that way in some time actually

on this particular day, i convinced her to put down the coloring pencils and come for a walk with me up to the meadow

nostalgia hit me hard on this walk

memories of me walking the same path with a baby Lily in a baby sling, later walking with a toddler Lily often on my shoulders and now here she is almost eight running in front of me almost the whole way

yesterday as she rushed off to go sleepover at her nine year old cousin’s house along with another friend who is eleven, i asked her to please not rush to grow up

“oh, i’m going to” she said

 before i could grab her for a kiss, she was off


and as she was being driven away, i continued to curse time over and over again in my head

you’re an asshole time

i hate you time…