the wedge

Lily started her second and last summer camp yesterday


once again she is with her good friend B and they both had the best day

both confirmed that this camp is even better than the last camp

this morning i got up, made coffee, packed Lily’s lunch and snacks for a day at camp and went to wake her up

in the groggiest of voices she told me she is not feeling well

for the past few days she has had a runny nose and well, i think strep throat has hit us again

i woke up with my throat on fire yesterday morning and am already taking medication

by this hour (8am) Lily would have been dressed, eaten her breakfast and we would be getting in the car for camp drop off

instead, she is still sleeping and i will be taking her to the doctor once she wakes

i guess we have had a good run without any sicknesses for a while

hope your week is off to a better start than ours!

ps- this post is from early june. a post art show celebration at a local brewery