west virginia. in all her splendor

i have never noticed time or thought about time as much as i have since Lily


perhaps not as much when she was baby

but i do feel like as soon as she turned four/five, time just started going by twice as fast

every single day she is a constant reminder of time


she has grown so much this year

as have i, i suppose

but not nearly as much as her

the older she gets, the older i get

and it’s not so much the getting older part (although that’s not so much fun) but the running out of time

lately i find myself constantly anxious over the thought of running out of time

will there be enough time to do and see all the things i still would like to do and see?

will i ever get to france, italy, greece, morocco…..?


perhaps not

sometimes i get so overwhelmed with the thought of time that i just sit still


marveling over all of her splendor


my little not so little time capsule….

happy friday and happy weekend friends

i hope you all had a good week

ps- more splendor and curing of time HERE