gatlinburg, tn. tucked away in a cabin

being away from an ocean/beach during the summer is something that i have yet to get very used to (do i even want to get used to it though)


growing up in portugal, we would spend at least one long month at the beach

being at the beach during the summer is just how i was raised

since moving to asheville, the past two summers have been pretty oceanless

last year we got a bit of ocean while in portugal and well, this year we haven’t been to the ocean since summer began (i feel like crying as i write this)

we do have plans to see the ocean in august but then who knows when we/i will see the ocean again….

it’s hard for me

i don’t think it’s as hard for Will and Lily

but it is for me

and i am not sure if it’s something i can/will get used to

because i don’t think it is something that i want to get used to

i have been thinking a lot about this

asheville is a great place

it really is

sometimes i just cannot not feel resentful towards it because of how far away from the ocean it is

the fact that i get so frustrated living here is not because this is a bad place

on the contrary

but perhaps it’s the fact that i never envisioned myself living in a place like this

this far away from the ocean

not in a million years

i always thought/dreamt that i would get closer to the ocean as i got older

and that maybe one day i would have that house on the cliffs somewhere overlooking an ocean

i couldn’t be farther away from that

some people need the mountains

some people need the ocean

i need the ocean (sorry mountains)

it wasn’t my intention to come here on a (light?) rant when i first started putting this post together

i came here to talk about the cabin we stayed in for a weekend on the way to asheville from west virginia

it was our first time in tennessee and we couldn’t have picked a better place to stay

if it had ocean views, i would have wanted to stay forever

but, ironically enough, it was even farther away from the ocean than asheville is

nonetheless, it was beautiful