around here

before this post gets lost in my draft box, i’m going to just throw it out there


june and july moments

and just like that, it’s august

Lily will start second grade at the end of this month

in a couple of hours she and i will get in the car and take our longest car trip together on our own

we will be away in a house with a pool, close to the ocean for two weeks

a farewell to a really good summer break so far

i hope you are all having a good week so far

ours had a rough start and there is a lot happening in our family/lives at the moment that i hope will work out for the best

whichever way that is

the magic of bubbles and the beginning of summer break

and gold high heels

late mornings, bagels and morning cartoons

summer reading on her ipad with epic reading app

backyard hangs

as a present from her papa, every month she receives a science kit in the mail. a project they get to work on together. this was the launching of a homemade rocket

an asheville pool day with dear miami friends. in june

a fourth of july bagel

west virginia moments

mermaids in gatlinburg tennessee

a new painting

making her own breakfast

a staycation