gatlinburg, tn. ripley’s aquarium

sometime last summer, while we were out to eat somewhere, Lily grabbed a flyer where ripley’s aquarium was advertised


“mama! they have mermaids!!!!!”

and sure enough

ripley’s aquarium offered live mermaid shows

“can we go mama? can we gooooo?????????”

because the mermaids are only there in june until the end of july and it was the end of summer break, we never made it to ripley’s aquarium last summer

BUT, the thought was not forgotten

not at all

so, on the way back from our west virginia july family visit, Will and i surprised Lily with a weekend in gatlinburg

where ripley’s aquarium and the mermaids are

we rented a cabin for the weekend, visited ripley’s aquarium (twice) and explored all the tourist attractions that gatlinburg has to offer

we had heard of gatlinburg however did not know much about it

i think it’s fair to say that we were all a little shocked once we hit that main street

it’s like a mini vegas in the mountains

or as people told me later, the myrtle beach of the smokies

i think that sums it up perfectly

did we care for gatlinburg itself?


did we love our cabin and ripley’s aquarium?


yes, we did

ripley’s aquarium is impressive!

all the different types of fish (some totally pre-historic/dinosaur like), the penguins, the shark tunnel (omg the shark tunnel) and yes, the mermaids

all so good!

so much so that we went back the next day

happy friday and happy weekend friends

inside the shark tunnel

only slightly freaky and unnerving…

omg!!!!!….. a mermaid tail…..

ready? mermaid overload

you’re welcome

house of mirrors