florida. bonita springs beach and sanibel island beach

 today is officially our last day here (so so sad)


Lily and i have been in florida for almost two weeks now

two glorious weeks on the west coast of florida

in cape coral to be exact

a new to us place that we knew nothing about and had never been to

we have had pool days at home as well as adventure days scoping out different beaches in the area

the first beach we checked out was bonita springs beach

after a morning at home in the pool, we decided to get in the car and spend the afternoon at the beach

we chose bonita springs that day because of all the shell pictures that came up when we googled nearby beaches

and although the ocean wasn’t as crystal clear as the miami ocean we are used to, we were quite happy with all the shells under our feet

the second beach adventure was out to sanibel island

another beach known for its shells (are you sensing a theme here?)

sanibel was a bit more of a drive (and money) to get to but we enjoyed it just the same

actually, i think Lily enjoyed sanibel’s water better than bonita’s

i on the other hand preferred bonita’s wider beach and shells

either way, i think we were both just have to be at a beach with sand in our toes and an ocean to swim in