florida. manatee park

it’s hard for me to believe that today is officially the last friday of summer break


i really don’t want it to end

i know i have said it on here before but, i feel like this was our best summer break yet

despite all the madness that is going on (maybe one day soon i will write about it. or not)

Lily and i spent so much time together and it has felt so good to reconnect

anyway, on august sixth, after we explored sanibel island beach, before heading back to our cape coral airbnb, we decided to check out manatee park

out of all the things we did while in florida, i would say that manatee park was our only big disappointment

it was much smaller than it appeared in pictures and the only manatees we saw were the ones painted on the mural and on the sidewalks

as we walked around swampy paths looking for manatees, Lily joked how it should be called the “no manatee park” instead

i couldn’t agree more

nonetheless we enjoyed our “no manatee” adventure and will forever cherish the memories

happy friday and happy weekend friends!