florida. matlacha

matlacha (pronounced matt-luh-shay) is a small coastal village on the west coast of florida


small in size and in population however, big and bold in color!

i was no stranger to matlacha

Will and i had been a few times when we visited friends in pine island years ago

Lily however had no recollection of being there because she was a baby and a toddler when she first and last visited

because matlacha was a fifteen minute car ride from our airbnb in cape coral, i decided to treat auntie K and Lily to an afternoon full of color

we didn’t have a chance to go into many of the crafty shops (they close by 5pm) but we did have some delicious pho and caught the most insane sunset (with a dolphin and a rainbow included)

in present time things are crazy hectic here in the home front

lots of changes

still not ready to talk about it

happy friday friends!