florida. san carlos park mineral springs

it’s quite strange to think that just one month ago we were in the west coast of florida enjoying its quiet/calm beaches and then this past weekend that whole coast (along with the east coast) endured the most catastrophic hurricane in a long time


irma had millions of forida residents evacuating the state and fearing for their lives and their possessions

as they should have

hurricanes are no joke and i do not miss florida’s hurricane season one bit

thankful that all of our loved ones are ok

irma was so big we were hit with her aftermath here in asheville monday night

ironically enough the big tree in the entryway of the house we just moved out of, cracked in half taking down the front fence and causing major damage to a car that was parked in front of it

we just moved out two weeks ago

that could have been my car….

such a strange feeling

life has been busy lately

so busy

with our move (that we did ourselves and took over a week), with having KK here (because she was smart and got in her car before everyone else did to escape irma) and with Lily back to school and after school activities

i have not had the time to be on my computer at all

i still have so many pictures from our time in florida

which feels like forever ago

like this particular day

it was only one month ago

one month ago, on a sunny florida day we visited san carlos park mineral springs

the sulfur springs ended up being much smaller than they looked through the pictures online and maybe if they had been crowded we would have had a much different experience but, we were the only ones there and we had the best day

seriously though

we had the whole place to ourselves along with a tiki bar right next door for delicious cocktails

by far one of my favorite vacation days from our trip down to cape coral

hope you all had a great week

have a happy weekend friends!