a garden update. asheville

aside from the garden at the red house with the pool (because hello, pool. i miss having a pool so much!), i think it’s fair to say that the garden at our new castle home is the nicest one we have ever had


by far

it’s steep (sort of like the one at the blue house) but, it was well planned, thought out and well executed

it’s layered with levels and filled with all sorts of plants, flowers and trees

there are even vegetable beds at the bottom with tomatoes, peppers, cabbages…

there are roses, zinnias, and the remnants of hydrangeas

they are mostly dry now but i am so looking forward to seeing them bloom again in the spring

it’s been a busy week and it will be an even busier weekend so i will leave you today with some pictures from our new garden

hope your week is going well so far!