around here. a saturday in asheville

although Lily started school at the end of august, due to holidays and irma, last week was the first week that she had a full week of school with all of her after school activities


i have always tried to keep her after school activities to a maximum of three

she has art, ballet and gymnastics

but because she wants to participate in the nutcracker again this year and because she is in a higher ballet level, rehearsals for the nutcracker require an extra ballet day

so….. monday- nutcracker ballet, tuesday- art, wednesday- ballet and thursday- gymnastics

we are busy

busier than we have ever been but probably not as busy as we will be as Lily grows

i already miss the slow pace of summer break

and for some reason weekends are always too short

nonetheless we always try to make the most out of them

even when we are lazy and just chill at home

on this particular saturday (two weeks ago already) we spent the morning/early afternoon at hickory nut gap farm

and as you can see it was a summer like sunshine filled day

to be continued…