around here

i still have so many pictures from our florida summer break august vacation to edit and share


and believe it or not, i still have pictures from our march trip to topsail in a folder that need some tending to as well

but life is busy and it does not wait for us

and some times it’s hard keeping up

these days more than ever i feel like i have a hard time staying on top of things

especially with pictures and this space

this is a super busy week for us and i spent all of yesterday doing more loads of laundry in one day than i ever remember because we found lice in Lily’s hair sunday night

so needless to say i had to wash every single thing

she’s almost eight, all of her friends have had lice more than once so i guess we had gotten very lucky until now

after treating Lily’s head sunday night, i was convinced that i had it too so i treated myself also

the first and last time i had lice was when i was five

it’s the worst

have any of you or your kids had it?

i love her smile

learning portuguese


all the hanging things

been getting ready for the holidays and gift giving season by making lots of these. check the SHOP

her first bath in this new home

working on a project close to her cheetah heart

a family car ride into the mountains

a little friend

pumpkin sundaze

hammock hangs